Tefal EXPRESS ANTI-CALC Frequent asked questions GV7450S0

How do I descale my steam generator? Descaling operation is not needed for the steam generator, nevertheless, you could rinse the boiler every 10 uses (refer to user manual). Never use any descaling agent or vinegar when rinsing the boiler: they could damage it. • Models with scale collector: Rinse the scale collector under water.

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High Tech steam generating machine Of Industrial Capacity

There's a service hole on the top of the steam generator, auto descaling device can be installed. Descaling can extend the steam generator's serving life. 1/6. Machine Steam Steam Steam Generator Machine Dry Cleaning Machine Steam Generator. $1,000.00 / Set. 1 Set (Min. Order) Henan Yuji Boiler Vessel Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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HAYGAIN Descaler | Elite Saddlery

Description. Powerful descaler for use with your HAYGAIN hay steam generator. Recommended dosage 1 sachet every 6 – 8 weeks. Keeps your boiler scale-free and prevents limescale damage to the element. The perfect tool for cleaning your Haygain steam generator, use the Descaler regularly to keep it limescale and trouble-free.

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