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Steam Generator. an apparatus or unit for the production of steam. A steam generator that uses the heat from the combustion of an organic fuel is called a steam boiler, whereas one that operates on electricity is called an electric boiler. With the advent of atomic power plants, the term "steam generator" was applied to boilers heated by

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Steam generator with external steam box

STEAM BOX PRO - Faip. Details. THREE PHASE STEAM GENERATOR stainless steel chassis and body, watertight IPX5, with automatic refilling system with electromechanical water level control inside the boiler - True Temp, detergent injection, direct connection for water supply and low …

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STEAM BOX MINI - Tecnovap - PDF Catalogs | Technical

STEAM GENERATOR STEAM BOX VAC MINI Body material Stainless steel AISI 304 (BA) Boiler material Stainless steel AISI 304 (with interchangeable heating element) Boiler volume Tanks Water: without vacuum Maximum output Boiler output Steam production Power supply Vacuum drum capacity Plastic: Three-phase or single-phase steam generator for usage in the professional sector, with a stainless …

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